DTH Remodeling LLC

Kirkland Commercial Tile, Marble, and Mosaic

DTH Remodeling LLC is an expert in all things tile, marble and mosaic.

We can install, repair, or maintain any of the products we specialize in for the businesses or residences of Kirkland even if it was done by another company. However, when it comes to custom mosaic or marble creations, we get the majority of our commissions from businesses. This is not surprising, since custom work is a great way for you to advertise your company as it has a unique quality that clients remember.

Fountains are a great addition to a home or business, as well. Wall mounted fountains take up little space and enhance the atmosphere in any residence. Larger, more ornate fountains bring a sense of relaxation and refinement to a foyer or lobby. Interior or exterior, we can give you the water fountain you desire at a price that won't bust your budget. Please have a look at the rest of this section to see what we can do for the people of Kirkland.

Mosaic Installation

Looking for a way to make a statement when a client first walks into your establishment? DTH Remodeling LLC can create a custom floor or wall design with your company logo, motto or insignia. We can match the colors of the space so it fits in seamlessly with the existing look. Our Kirkland clients are amazed at the precise designs we can bring to life.

Perhaps you want to have an image on display to leave an impression with prospective clients or business partners? Waves crashing over rocks, the flag, a mosaic depiction of the tools which represent your business, or an image of the founder of your company; if you can think it up we can make it. Exterior or interior, we can give you a piece of advertising material which that can leave a lasting impression.


Few additions enhance a space with peace and refinement like a water fountain. In the lobby of your building or placed somewhere around the edifice, a well-designed fountain brings a classic or modern look to your establishment. Running water is a relaxing sound but an added benefit that few people realize is that fountains cut out ambient noise. The hum of an HVAC system, the rustling of employees and sound from the outside are all undercut by the constant light splashes and cascading rivulets created by water fountains. Fountains are also a natural air filter because dust is attracted to the negative ions in water. Thus, the water collects pollutants in the air as it flows.

Whether you want a traditional statue centered fountain or a space saving and modern looking wall panel fountain DTH Remodeling LLC can get you what you want. Whether tile, marble, mosaic, we can create multiple variations on pre-set designs or make a custom fountain to represent your business. We can carve your company name or logo in to the fountain as well, crafting a center piece that your clients will find striking and memorable.